Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Enjoying Skim or Low - Fat Dairy

Dairy is an excellent source of calcium and protein. But dairy can also be a source of unwanted saturated fat.

That’s why the recipes and meal plans in The Fat Resistance Diet use only nonfat or low-fat milk, cheese and yogurt. These recipes grew out of our long experience using nonfat or low-fat dairy in our own kitchens. The goal is to keep the flavor and nutrition, and lose the fat.

For example, our dessert recipes benefit from sweet and tart fruit concentrates, crunchy walnuts and almonds, and ripe fruit.

So what about butter, for cooking, flavoring dishes or as a topping on bread? We switched from using butter in the kitchen to using extra-virgin olive oil many years ago and haven’t looked back. Extra-virgin olive oil has a rich, satisfying flavor that goes perfectly with salads and bread. Recent studies indicate that extra-virgin olive oil helps fight inflammation, which makes it an important part of The Fat Resistance Diet. Enjoy!

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tws said...

I'm new to the FRD, but I've heard before that nonfat or low fat dairy includes added sugar. Is this true?