Friday, May 29, 2009

Your Kitchen Herb Garden

There is magic in a garden. It is a thrill to see sunlight and water make a little plant grow and spread its leaves. The beauty of nature rejuvenates and inspires.

The quiet thrill of gardening can be enjoyed by planting fresh herbs in pots in the kitchen, patio or backyard. A kitchen herb garden. I like to plant basil, parsley and cilantro in pots and here's how I do it. Follow a few simple steps and you will be picking delicious fresh herbs in few days.

First, I pick up some clay pots and saucers, organic potting soil in a bag, and some small starter plants at a garden center. This time of year, they should have a nice selection of starter plants. Fresh herbs are a great choice because you can plant them in fairly small pots and they are easy to grow.

At home, I put a few pebbles into the bottom of the pots for drainage, and place the pots on saucers. I scoop potting soil into the pots, about ¾ full. Then I carefully remove a little herb plant from its container, transfer it to the pot and place soil all around the plant with my hands. You want to pack down the soil to give the plant a sturdy base. A sprinkle of water, about one cup, and it's done.

Herbs are great to grow in or near the kitchen, so you can pick a few leaves while you are cooking. Herbs seem to like a mixture of direct sun and some shade. Give them a little water each day to keep the soil moist, and move them into a shady spot if the leaves get burned by the sun. I use herbs in many of our recipes in The Fat Resistance Diet. I recommend having herbs often, for their wonderful flavor and ability to reduce inflammation. Nourished by your attention and care, your kitchen garden will be good to grow!

Wishing you best health!

Jonathan and the Fat Resistance Diet Team


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